By Jennifer Clinehens, Founder & MD

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By Jennifer Clinehens, Founder & MD

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Customer Behavior Playbook

The Customer Behavior Playbook is Choice Hacking's most popular project-style engagement, a step-by-step guide that tackles your biggest business challenges with AI, behavioral science, and psychology. 

  • What can we learn from our competitors and other best-in-class brands across industries?
  • What insights and tested approaches can we find in relevant academic research?
  • What are your users doing now? Where are the gaps between your business goals and customer behavior, and how might we close those gaps?
  • What are the strategic behavioral principles you should adapt in your work moving forward?
  • What are some relatively low effort, low investment, high reward behavioral tactics we can change right now?
  • What tactics should we adapt in the next 6 - 12 months, and in what order?

01 How it works


// Discover

  • Audit of competitors and best-in-class experiences across industries
  • Behavioral research, experience audit, and insight development
  • Salience audit to understand what key elements your users are missing
  • Audit your brand's existing customer experience, perform a gap analysis

// Define

  • Define custom behavioral insights based on your current experience to inform principle creation and tactical recommendations 
  • Define behaviorally-driven experience design principles for future work
Customer Behavior Playbook

// Design

  • Bespoke behavioral design principles customized to your business
  • High-priority prescriptive tactical recommendations (incl. mockups, messaging, and design where appropriate)
  • Prioritzed roadmap of recommendations for the next 6 -12 months


All documents delivered in 3 formats: PDF, PowerPoint, and Keynote

Three deliverable docuements:

  • Competitive and best-in-class behavioral strategies document to audit your in-market and out-of-market competition.
  • Audit of your existing customer experience and gap analysis to determine both the underlying causes of your issue, where your current experience falls down, and potential approaches to fix these.
  • Bespoke behavioral design principles with step-by-step tactical recommendations document. Includes strategic roadmap prioritzed by effort and impact as well as UX mockups, journey mapping, and messaging where appropriate. 


Once we complete the Customer Behavior Playbook process and deliver your documents, here's how it will impact your business: 

  • Perfect your experience for growth and engagement: Understand what parts of your customer or user experience are working for users now, what's not, and how to improve it to drive growth
  • Supercharge your creative with AI: Understand what messages customers are missing, what they're noticing, and how to improve your marketing and customer experience so it's working as hard as possible
  • Inform the future, improve for today: Get strategic principles and actionable user insights that will guide future development and strategic priorities 
  • Know where you're going and how to get there: Get actionable, practical priorities for the next 6-18 months with your prioritized roadmap. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions we get about the Customer Behavior Playbook: 

Are Customer Behavior Playbooks geared toward physical (retail) or digital experiences?

This project can be easily applied to either primarily physical or digital experiences (and multichannel experiences that are a combination of both).

Our seasoned team has years of experience with all three types of customer experiences, and will be able to help you across all conceivable channels.

Will the Playbook address my specific challenges or is it the same for all businesses?

Yes, the Playbook will be customized to your business and your challenges. In the past, this project has tackled challenges like:

  • "How can we convert more free users to paid users?" 
  • "How do we create a digital experience that is ethically habit-forming?"
  • "How do we get users to get engaged with a task that's important but boring?"
  • "How do we keep our active users engaging longer through email?"
  • "How can we increase sales on our product pages and checkout?"
  • And more...

Will the Playbook work for customers and users in different markets?

Yes, these recommendations are built on global academic research, universal AI tools, and your own customer behaviors. You will also get insights tailored to your specific market.

Our team has experience in global markets such as: 

  • The US (all regions) 
  • Canada
  • Europe & U.K. 
  • South America
  • Middle East & Africa 
  • Australasia

Are you and your team willing to sign NDAs?

Yes, of course! 

Is the Customer Behavior Playbook for startups or just established companies?

This project will be customized and delivered for the stage of your business, no matter if it's a Fortune 500 or startup that hasn't been built yet.

The Customer Behavior Playbook has successfully guided the creation of many new brands, as well as perfecting customer experiences of multi-billion dollar brands.  

How long will it take to deliver the Customer Behavior Playbook?

Timings will vary based on your individual business challenges, organization size, existing resources, and how much (if any) customer interviews will need to be scheduled.

Generally this project takes from 8-12 weeks to complete, but your timings may vary.   

How much does the Customer Behavior Playbook cost?

This will vary based on timing, available resource, and proposed primary research (interviews, for example). We need to get to know your business, its challenges, and existing resources before we are able to scope cost.

Choice Hacking offers Startup and Scale-up discounts for businesses that are just getting started and/or growing. 

Please email or schedule a call  to learn more.

02 Case Study

Customer Behavior Playbook

// Brand

MYND Therapeutics is a ground-breaking metaverse and mobile application company dedicated to helping solve the obesity crisis. With cutting-edge technology, a global team of cognitive scientists and dieticians, and a unique approach they’re poised to take the wellness space by storm. 

// Challenge

MYND wanted to use behavioral science to ensure its experience was attention-grabbing, engaging, and encouraged behavior change. 

They engaged Choice Hacking to analyse the experience while they were building it, use behavioral science and salience analysis to create user experiences principles, analyze existing creative work, and share tactical recommendations that would make a big difference to users - fast.

// Outcome

CEO Michael Bidu described our work this way: 

"I believe [Choice Hacking] is one of the top consumer experience and behaviour change experts in the business. 

Jen and her team delivered like the true professional she is: on time and on budget. I can say she was a pleasure to work with."

03 Contact

If you're interested in learning more about how Choice Hacking and/or the Customer Behavior Playbook can help you grow your business, please:  

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