Case Study:

User Research, Salience Analysis, & User Experience Strategy for Canadian-based Metaverse Weight Management Brand

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Struggling with your weight is about than just struggling with your health. 

It’s about struggling with how society views you, judges your worth, and short-changes your abilities. 

But making a change can feel impossible when you’ve lived your entire life in a bigger body. 

That’s the challenge my client, a metaverse (AR, VR, app, wearables) weight loss startup, came to me to help solve. 

My client wanted to use behavioral science-powered user experience strategies to make sure that their product was not only easy and (ethically) addictive to use, but that it helped manage the emotional side of weight loss behavior change too. 

Process & Deliverables
My clients’ team includes some of the most impressive researchers in the field of weight management and eating disorders, so much of my work involved being the translator between their academic methodologies and the end user. 

After a literature review of the latest behavioral science principles that’d proven the most effective in healthy behavior change and a salience analysis of their proof of concept mobile & VR experiences, I got to work observing user interviews.

And in the course of my work discovered that while this was a weight loss and user experience challenge on the surface, our users’ REAL barrier to adoption wasn’t diet and exercise - it was a lack of feedback in the process.

They felt like all of their sacrifice was for nothing, because the numbers on the scale weren’t reflecting their effort.
In short, I had to find a way to use the customer experience to make invisible progress, visible.

After delivering a customer behavior playbook that audited the current prototype experience and recommended principles (as well as many specific, actionable tactics) to inform further development, my client went from feeling overwhelmed by getting its users to stick to a difficult journey to confident that their touchpoints were affecting change. 

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