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free users to paying customers

The Creator Economy has been booming 

And as with any gold rush, the folks selling the shovels are the ones who get rich. 

But what happens when you've built an amazing piece of software that creators love, but aren't getting maximum value from?

In business terms that means moving more users from free to paid plans to unlock some of the most powerful "link in bio" features in the market.

That’s the challenge my client, a US-based creator economy software brand, wanted to solve. 

My client needed to use behavioral science-powered conversion strategies to get more users to upgrade from free plans to paid plans, so users could get more bang for their creator dollar than they could with more popular - but less powerful - competitors. 

Process & Deliverables
After a competitor review to see the market through our customers' eyes, I started mapping the user journey across web, social and email, performing a salience analysis of the existing creative, and a gap analysis to identify where our leakage points might be. 

After spending hours deconstructing their data and experience, I created three behaviorally-driven personas, complete with barriers, goals, and psychological traps they were likely to encounter. 
After fleshing out these data-based personas, I was ready to prescribe marketing psychology and behavioral science-powered solutions which I mocked up in UX and messaging form across their email and web experience. 

After delivering creative effectiveness and customer behavior playbooks that audited the current experience and recommended principles (as well as many specific, actionable tactics) to inform further development, my client went from feeling like they didn't have a plan to get users performing the seemingly huge task of "getting prepared" to having a plan to implement smaller, more emotional wins into their customer experience.

As well as UX, messaging, and design recommendations and principles I also put together an email onboarding strategy with a day-by-day plan on what to say and when for maximum conversion, as well as identifying key dates on the calendar where creators would be most receptive to upgrading. 

Does this sound like a challenge you're facing right now?
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