Case Study:

London-based Advertising Agency Pitch to the NHS (UK National Health Service)

Closeup of black woman donating blood focus on hand holding red ball with tubing, copy space
Everyone knows that giving blood is the right thing to do. 

But what happens when social and cultural pressures make doing the right thing, hard?

That's the challenge the UK's NHS (National Health Service) posed to several global advertising agencies. 

The NHS is famously known for their use of applied Behavioural Science, so my agency client needed a BeSci expert in their corner to help strengthen the pitch and speak the NHS' language, so they called me. 

Not only did my client need to create a killer CRM and marketing strategy to reach a population who was generally distrustful of doctors and health services, they needed to back up their work with applied Behavioural Science. 

Their competitor agency had hired one of the most famous experts in applied Behavioural Science, which made our job more difficult - not from a skills level, but from a fame and salience point of view (it's hard to compete with celebrity - even academic celebrity). 

Deliverables & Results
After lending Behavioural Science expertise to the customer journey, as well as feeding into the framework and content of the pitch I felt confident that my client was a lock to win.

After an incredibly competitive process, the pitch was successful and my advertising agency client won the business - worth nearly 5M pounds (the equivalent of $6.13 million US dollars). 

Does this sound like a challenge you're facing right now?
If your agency, consultancy, need a hired gun to use the power of applied Behavioral Science (or Behavioural Science, even!) to help win a pitch, get in touch here or book out a mini-consulting session.

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