Simple, Salient, and Soulful customer experiences

that grow your bottom line

Hello! I'm Jen Clinehens (MS, MBA) the founder and Managing Director of Choice Hacking.

I started Choice Hacking (the Agency) in 2022 to help businesses create value,

extract more revenue from their marketing, and better serve their customers.

Who am I?

Passionate about continued education & training

  • Teaching and training teams is in my blood (my mom was a teacher and reading specialist for 20+ years) and to me, nothing compares to helping a team see their business in a new way (and get inspired to try something they hadn't tried before).
  • Training teams isn't just something I've picked up - I've gone through extensive training including studying pedagogy and curriculum design at the graduate level. 
  • I probably like learning a little too much, after earning a Masters in Creative Brand Management from the VCU Brandcenter (dubbed the 'Harvard of Advertising'), I earned my MBA at the top-ranked Goizueta Business School at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

An experienced professional

  • I've been lucky to have a career that's spanned client & agency-side roles, as well as multiple geographies including the US (my homeland), the UK (my home base), Europe, Canada, the Middle East & Africa, Australia, South America, and Asia. Some highlights include:
  • Helping McDonald's transform its in-store and drive thru experiences across the world.
  • Working in corporate innovation at AT&T (the world's biggest telecom brand) to help launch new tech & transform their digital and retail channels.
  • Work with brands like Starbucks, Adidas, Marks & Spencers (UK) and Lloyds Banking Group to create meaningful customer experiences that transcend (and connect) digital and physical channels.
  • Helping make some of the world's biggest and best loyalty programs even better: AT&T Thanks, American Express' Plenti, Starbucks Rewards, O2 Priority, McDonalds' app, and many more.

How can Choice Hacking help?

✅ I can help improve your customer experience with consulting. 

We work with brands around the globe to improve retention, engagement, and customer experiences.

My career has allowed me the pleasure of working with brands like: 

  • McDonald's (Global incl. US)
  • AT&T (retail & online)
  • Adidas (retail & online)
  • Starbucks (loyalty & store experience)
  • M&S (UK retail experience)
  • Viacom (CRM)
  • Pepsi (EU digital experience)
  • Coca-Cola (US)
  • Lloyds Banking Group (digital & retail)
  • Compare the Market (CRM) 
  • BoConcept (store experience)

... and many more. Choice Hacking works with brands of all sizes, from established Fortune 500 brands to SME, startups, and scale-ups.

✅ I can help train your team.

We work with virtual and in-person teams to provide training and workshops that solve your biggest challenges with science-based approaches: 

  • Win more pitches
  • More persuasive presentations
  • Better customer engagement
  • Better loyalty programs
  • Ensure creative effectiveness 
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Tackle a bespoke challenge

✅ I can lend a hand to agencies or brands that want to establish CX or behavioral science practices. 

In my career I've successfully established and grown several CX and behavioral science groups. Along the way I've developed a proven process that can help you avoid some of the mis-steps I and others have made.

✅ I can white label my behavioral science and CX expertise to agencies that need some temporary help. 

If you need a little behavioral science, predictive AI, marketing psychology and CX knowledge in-house for a pitch or a single project, I can help (just get in touch to learn more).