Mind readers that

 grow your business. 

When you get into your customer's heads, magical things start to happen to your bottom line.

Choice Hacking can get you there with a potent mix of Nobel-prize winning research, predictive AI tools, data analysis, and a deep understanding of your customers' behaviors, needs, language and challenges.

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Welcome, I'm so glad you're here!

Hi, I'm Jen Clinehens, the founder of Choice Hacking. 

I started Choice Hacking because I've seen first-hand how behavioural science, psychology, and AI have the power to create effective, engaging, and meaningful customer experiences. 

After years spent creating products and customer experiences for global brands like AT&T, McDonalds, Adidas, and Starbucks, I've seen this combination of art and science supercharge creative work and deliver engaging and meaningful experiences across the customer journey. I'm confident these tools can work your brand as well - big or small, across the globe. 

Contact me to discover how Choice Hacking's unique approach can drive engagement and growth for your business, too.


Choice Hacking is your partner in growth.

Why businesses trust Choice Hacking.

Choice Hacking uses a unique blend of behavioural science, data analysis, AI, virtual testing environments, and marketing psychology to dig deep into customers’ hidden desires, emotions, motivations, and needs.

We begin our work at the moment of “raw reaction” - when a customer is first exposed to your marketing or experience but has not yet had time to coat that reaction in cognitive bias, self-delusional stories, and “accidental lies.”

Tom Daly

Former Sr. Group Director of Global Marketing, Coca-Cola 

"If you want to get to know your customers better, uncover impactful insights, and make marketing that resonates with your target audience, you should consider working with Choice Hacking...

Moreover, working with Jen and Choice Hacking was a collaborative and personalized experience. They took the time to understand our business and tailor their methods to our specific needs. This approach led to insights that were relevant and impactful to our business.

Working with Jen and Choice Hacking was a fantastic experience that delivered valuable insights and measurable improvements to our business.

If you want to take your business to the next level and connect with your target audience, you should consider working with Choice Hacking."

Hack into customer’s deepest desires, fears, and motivations with bias-busting customer research

We use neuroscience, behavioural science, VR, and ethnography to see through your customers’ “accidental lies” and into their deepest fears, needs, and desires.

Create customer journeys that drive sales and meaningful customer relationships with science

Our 3S model helps elevate your digital and physical customer experiences to soulful, simple, and salient - increasing both short term sales uplift and long-term brand love. 

We study your customers and their environment to create journeys based on real-world contexts, heuristics, and behaviours. 

Save time & money with our scientific pre-testing method to bulletproof marketing, experiences, and packaging before they’re produced

Using the proprietary Choice Hacking testing approach (autonomic measures, AI, and VR), we get your experience in front of customers almost instantly - allowing you to test and tweak faster than ever before. 

A selection of brands we've worked with:

How we've transformed our clients' businesses

How we helped a London-based agency win a $6M behavioural-science led pitch
How we helped a US-based creator-focused software firm increase their free to paid conversions
Perci: How we helped a US-based startup transform disaster preparedness behaviors

Challenge Accepted.

We solve your toughest problems with science, not guesswork.

Which of these best describes your business and your challenges?

Increase Conversion (CRO)

Getting traffic but not enough sales, clients, or customers? We can help.

Behavioural Science & AI

Unlock your customers' psychological triggers and figure out why they buy.

User Research

Get closer to your customer (and learn what they want).

Customer Journey Mapping

Visualise your customers' behavior and discover opportunities for growth.

Email Marketing & CRM

Increase sales by building a relationship with people who already know you.

Loyalty & Retention

Build a moat around your best customers (with psychology & behavioural science).

Psychology-Driven Social

Don't just go viral on social media - drive conversion, too.

Funnel Optimisation

Is your sales funnel a leaky bucket? Let's fix it (and make it even better). 

Retail Customer Experience

Could your store experience work harder to bring in sales and build your brand?

Sue Moore, PhD

CEO, Virtual Gold Dust


Jen is hugely insightful and knowledgeable about applying behavioural science to the customer experience.

She brings a wealth of direct, strategic experience to the table.

For anyone curious about applying behavioural science to their work, I would recommend connecting with Jen to discover all the ways she can help.

We do things

a bit differently.

After many years of experience, research, and experimentation

we’ve identified 3 key drivers of effective customer experiences: 

Creating soulful, simple, and salient customer experiences has proven business impact:

  • Simple experiences drive brand value, with the simplest publicly traded brands outperforming the market by 686% since 2009. 
  • 66% of customers say they prefer meaningful experiences but 92% of companies fail to even deliver on basic customer experience promises. 
  • 91% of customers are willing to advocate for businesses which they associate positive emotions and 92% are more likely to stay loyal. 
michael bidu headshot
Michael Bidu

CEO, MYND Therapeutics

"If you have a chance to hire Choice Hacking, do it before your competition does it.

I believe Jen is one of the top consumer experience and behaviour change experts in the business.

I worked closely with Jen on building a behaviour change and habit-forming product development strategy for our first digital therapy focused on women with obesity and eating disorders...  

I can say she was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her and Choice Hacking."

Our resources are trusted by brands like:

Don't just take our word for it...

tesa headshot

Thanks to Jennifer Clinehens for a very interesting, interactive and concrete training and workshop on behavorial science and how to use it to improve our structure of choice and communication and help the consumer to find the right product for their DIY project…

I totally recommend her… so passionate and experienced.

Bruno Derouet

Head of Marketing, Tesa

mark bainbridge headshot

In scale up, all businesses lean on the guidance of a few select people, and as one of our most valued “friends of Dragonfly” Jen has been instrumental in our growth as a business.

We listen carefully when we have time with her, as her insights are second to none, always pragmatic and driven by her years of experience on both brand and agency sides of the fence.

Thank you Jen.

Mark Bainbridge

Co-founder, Dragonfly.AI

att headshot

[Jen] collaborates well across cross functional teams, sees both the big and small picture, and drives towards team success.

Her abilities allow her to communicate effectively across all levels of management, and drive high unified engagement. She is a pleasure to work with, and is an asset to any team/project!

Cindy Zanelli

Director, Technology Services - AT&T