Choice hacking (the agency)

Growth and engagement with science, not guesswork.

Choice Hacking is a customer experience consultancy powered by behavioral science, psychology, and AI. We create effective and meaningful customer experiences, creative, and content for brands across the globe.

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Supercharged Experiences

Our proprietary frameworks are powered by science to create meaningful and effective experiences.

Customer Journeys That Sing

We combine art and science to elevate your experience beyond the basics (and get those right, too).

Habits That Transform

Applying research that drives engagement and makes your experience an indispensable part of users' daily lives.

The Long & Short of It

Choice Hacking uses behavioral science and AI to drive short-term sales while building your brand.


Founded in 2021, Choice Hacking began as a passion project by CX strategist Jen Clinehens to apply behavioral science and psychology principles to marketing and customer experience. Choice Hacking grew fast thanks to curious folks working in ad agencies, consultancies, clients, and entrepreneurs. 

But people were hungry for more... 

That's when Choice Hacking (the Agency) was born to help apply these principles in the real-world.

Choice Hacking (the Agency) is the consulting wing of Choice Hacking, an educational resource for marketers, UX and CX folks, and entrepreneurs to learn how to supercharge their work with psychology and behavioral science.

 get to know us 

Welcome to Choice Hacking!

Jen Clinehens headshot

MD, Founder

Jennifer Clinehens

Hi, I'm Jen, the founder and Managing Director of Choice Hacking.

I started Choice Hacking because I've seen first-hand how behavioral science, psychology, and AI have the power to create effective, engaging, and meaningful customer experiences. 

After years spent creating products and customer experiences for global brands like AT&T, McDonalds, Adidas, and Starbucks, I've seen this combination of art and science supercharge creative work and deliver engaging and meaningful experiences across the customer journey. I'm confident these tools can work your brand as well - big or small, across the globe. 

Contact us to discover how Choice Hacking's unique approach can drive engagement and growth for your business, too. 

a selection of brands we've worked with recently:

a selection of brands OUR TEAM members have WORKED WITH IN their careers:

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Michael Bidu

CEO, MYND Therapeutics

"If you have a chance to hire Choice Hacking, do it before your competition does it.

I believe Jen is one of the top consumer experience and behaviour change experts in the business.

I worked closely with Jen on building a behaviour change and habit-forming product development strategy for our first digital therapy focused on women with obesity and eating disorders...  

I can say she was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her and Choice Hacking."


How We Can Help You

  • Learn

  • Build

  • Drive

  • Empower

Learn deeply about your customers - faster and more accurately - with the power of AI, psychology, and behavioral science.

Projects include: (click to view details and case studies)

  • Customer Behavior Playbook: (Most popular) A step-by-step guide that tackles your biggest business challenges with behavioral science, AI, and psychology.
  • Creative Effectiveness Playbook: You can't grow your business if people don't notice what's important in your marketing and customer experience - this playbook uses behavioral science and advanced AI to see what's being seen and what's being missed.
  • Customer Research: To engage users and customers, you need to understand what they're thinking, feeling, and doing - get to know them better with a science-led approach. 
  • Customer Journey Mapping: Get inside your customers' heads and hearts - with a behavioral science twist.

Don't just take our word for it...

tesa headshot

Thanks to Jennifer Clinehens for a very interesting, interactive and concrete training and workshop on behavorial science and how to use it to improve our structure of choice and communication and help the consumer to find the right product for their DIY project…

I totally recommend her… so passionate and experienced.

Bruno Derouet

Head of Marketing, Tesa

mark bainbridge headshot

In scale up, all businesses lean on the guidance of a few select people, and as one of our most valued “friends of Dragonfly” Jen has been instrumental in our growth as a business.

We listen carefully when we have time with her, as her insights are second to none, always pragmatic and driven by her years of experience on both brand and agency sides of the fence.

Thank you Jen.

Mark Bainbridge

Co-founder, Dragonfly.AI

att headshot

[Jen] collaborates well across cross functional teams, sees both the big and small picture, and drives towards team success.

Her abilities allow her to communicate effectively across all levels of management, and drive high unified engagement. She is a pleasure to work with, and is an asset to any team/project!

Cindy Zanelli

Director, Technology Services - AT&T