By Jennifer Clinehens, Founder & MD

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Choice Hacking helped a U.S.-based eCommerce brand find 73% more top-line revenue with Customer Journey Mapping.

Here’s how Choice Hacking found a 73% increase in revenue that our client had been overlooking for years. It all started with a Customer Journey Map 👇

// Challenge

This US-based eCommerce client knew they needed to get closer to their customer to spot opportunities to grow top-line revenue and customer lifetime value, but they weren't sure what customers were experiencing, doing, thinking, or feeling.

A Customer Journey Map was the logical place to start, so we could get a view on what customers needed.

// Process & Deliverables
Choice Hacking spent six weeks reviewing behavioral data, mining existing research for gems, interviewing customers and stakeholders, and doing observational research.

We filtered all that information through behavioral science and psychological frameworks that allowed us to get beyond what customers were saying and into what they were doing (and why)...

This journey mapping process helped the client discover:

✅ Psychological and physical barriers to purchase
✅ What motivated customers to buy
✅ Customers’ deepest desires, needs and challenges

But most importantly, it spotted an obvious (and easy) solution to their customer’s biggest barrier to purchase.

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We created a Customer Journey Map, Personas, and Customer Insights Report that led to a reworked website that now spoke to their customers’ mindsets, context, behaviors, and psychology.

And the new website delivered a 73% increase in top-line revenue.

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