By Jennifer Clinehens, Founder & MD

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By Jennifer Clinehens, Founder & MD

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If you're a marketer or hands-on founder, you need to know as much as possible about your customers: 

  • What they want
  • What they need
  • What's frustrating them
  • What's keeping them from buying your product
  • And what they love about your brand

When clients come to us to get to know their customers better than they know themselves, here are the tools I recommend: 

  1. Customer Interviews
  2. Customer Insights Report
  3. Customer Journey Map

All three of these should be created through the lens of behavioral science.

Why behavioral science? Because we want to get to the WHY behind the story that customers tell us, to figure out the hidden forces that are influencing their behavior.

Normal customer research won't get us there. We need the power of behavioral science.

Click to read how we used these tools to help a London-based fintech go from confused to clear about its customers and their needs. 

1. User interviews

To do these right, use a behavioral framework (I use COM-B) to influence the questions you ask and how.

👉 Here's a LinkedIn post that explains why COM-B is the best framework you've probably never heard of to shape customer interviews that transform your business. 

2. Customer Insight Report

This is where your interviews go from rambling data to insight gold.

To give your clients a doc that transforms their business, make sure to include both "implications" and "opportunities" for every insight you deliver.

Click to read how we used these tools to help a US-based cannabis e-commerce and retail brand understand a brand new market and customer. 

3. Customer Journey Maps

Here's where you really start cooking with gas. Customer Journey Maps aren't just about showing what customers do. Their secret sauce is in identifying their emotional journey + behavioral (and psychological) barriers to action.

How to use these tools to transform your business

If you need to go from confused to clear about your customers, I offer free 30-minute consultation calls to help you get started - click here to sign up now.