Case Study:

User Research & Interviews, Persona and Customer Journey Map Creation for a US-based Cannabis e-commerce, retail, and delivery brand

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Managing your health comes in many forms.

For some folks it’s a visit to a mental health professional.

For others it’s an intense hot yoga session followed by a cold dip.

And for a growing number of people in the US and Canada, it’s using a hemp or cannabis product to relax at the end of a stressful day.

But the retail and e-commerce brands in this space have a unique challenge:

How can they get to know their users deeply, when legal cannabis customer experiences are so new - and so emotionally charged for many people?

That’s what my client - a US-based cannabis retail, delivery, and e-commerce brand - came to me to figure out.

Process & Deliverables
I recruited and interviewed 10 cannabis (hemp & THC) users who told me all about their deepest fears, barriers, needs, and challenges around purchasing in this new category.

Using behavioural science interview frameworks powered by models like COM-B, I dug into the underlying psychological drivers behind their behaviors - I analyzed these interviews and turned them into an insightful customer research deck, but that was just the beginning.

From there, I used a unique behavioral science and psychology-powered approach to create behavioral personas and several customer journey maps.
My client went from feeling like they were in the dark about their customers to having clear behavioral insights, practical recommendations, customer journeys, and easy-to-use personas to inform their product development and marketing.

If you want to get to know your users and customers more deeply (using the power of behavioral science and psychology) I can help by doing a similar project for you and your brand.

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